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Why call upon the services of a lactation consultant

The services of a lactation consultant are invaluable for new mothers navigating the often challenging journey of breastfeeding. These professionals offer specialised knowledge and tailored support, making a significant positive impact on the breastfeeding experience. Here’s why engaging a lactation consultant can be so beneficial:


Personalised One-to-One Service

A lactation consultant provides individualised attention that is difficult to obtain in group settings or from basic maternity care. This one-on-one service allows the consultant to thoroughly assess the specific needs of both mother and baby, addressing any issues with personalised strategies and techniques.


Collaborative Approach

Lactation consultants work together with mothers, fostering a collaborative environment. This partnership encourages open communication and allows for adjustments in breastfeeding techniques based on real-time feedback and observation. The consultant serves as a coach and mentor, guiding mothers through each step and ensuring they understand the how’s and whys of each technique or solution.


Opportunities to Trial and Experiment

Breastfeeding can be complex, and what works for one mother may not work for another. Lactation consultants encourage mothers to trial different positions, latch techniques, and feeding schedules to find what best suits their unique situation. This experimental approach is supported by the consultant’s expertise to evaluate effectiveness and make immediate adjustments.


Consistency and Building Trust

Regular sessions with a lactation consultant help build a consistent support system. Consistency is key in fostering trust; as mothers become more familiar with their consultant, they often feel more comfortable discussing their concerns and challenges. This trust not only enhances the effectiveness of the care provided but also deeply supports the mother’s emotional well-being during a vulnerable time.


Confidence and Independence

With expert support, mothers gain confidence in their breastfeeding abilities. A lactation consultant equips mothers with the knowledge and skills they need to feel competent and secure in their breastfeeding journey. This empowerment is crucial as it transitions the mother from reliance on professional support to trusting in her own abilities to nurture her baby independently.


Support for the Whole Family

Lactation consultants understand that breastfeeding is a family affair. They provide support that includes educating partners and family members, helping them understand how best to support the nursing mother. This inclusive approach ensures that the mother feels supported not only by the consultant but by her entire support network.


Forming a Lasting Bond with Baby

Effective breastfeeding supports not just nutritional health but also the emotional connection between mother and baby. A lactation consultant helps enhance this bonding process by ensuring that feeding times are calm, enjoyable, and successful. The positive interactions during feeding help strengthen the essential emotional bond between mother and child.



In essence, lactation consultants do more than simply help with the mechanics of breastfeeding/feeding. They provide emotional support, enhance family dynamics, and contribute significantly to the health and well-being of both mother and baby. Their expert, tailored advice and continuous support create an environment where mothers can thrive in their new role, making the early days of motherhood a little easier and a lot more rewarding.


So, why not hire one to support you on your journey with your baby and feeding...



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