I was born in India and grew up in a town called Leicester, UK. I am number 5 of 6 children. I trained as a Registered Nurse at Kettering General Hospital and Midwife at Leicester Royal Infirmary Hospital, UK. 

I understand and have experienced the pressures of shift work, on-calls, working long hours, and weekends that can lead to exhaustion, burnout, stress and loss of enjoyment/love towards the profession. And I have lived the demands it places on you, your body and your health. 

All my life and now as a health professional I knew there was more to health and well-being than relying on the medical profession even though I understand, value and appreciate the essential role our medical system plays in health care. Through my own personal search, I tried many complementary modalities yet none would get to the root cause of my feeling exhausted, burnt out and empty. I moved to Australia in 2002 and continued my search for answers. 

I am married to an Australian and live in Sydney. I have no children, despite many years of infertility treatments yet I don't feel incomplete, my life is just as busy and in all honesty, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to form a true relationship with me, the woman I am and the woman I am becoming.

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This began with my experience of Esoteric (inner-most) healing where, through the connection to myself and bringing self-care to the forefront,  I gained a deeper and clearer understanding of myself.  I decided to study Esoteric Healing modalities. 


With the healing modalities, I have been able to feel and see what I have been holding onto within my body that was not truly me or did not serve in how and whom I was living and expressing with others – from the unhealthy ideals and beliefs to patterns and behaviours I was living every day, such as seeing myself less than others.


I’ve changed my life from being constantly tired, stressed, sleep-deprived, suffering many low moments, isolation, and even disliking my job, to turning my life around and enjoying going to work and being with my colleagues and life. Self-care has become the most important way of life for me and it is at this point I felt to support others to explore their own well-being. 


Through my own experiences, awareness and healing, I offer a range of services from Counselling, Esoteric hands-on healing, Facial Massage, Massage, Chakra-puncture and Connective Tissue healing. I facilitate healing to the depth that feels true for you.