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In our everyday lives, we are faced with many challenging situations that can bring about stress and anxiety. During these times it is reassuring to know that there is a person who can support you in a confidential and non-judgmental manner. I offer the space to explore the root cause of the underlying issue which can be deeply healing and freeing of those negative beliefs we have of ourselves and others and discover that we are more then this and connect to the wisdom innately within.

I offer counselling support of guiding you through the choices that can support you to be in the world in a way that these stresses no longer rule your life.
These sessions for instance could offer support with:
   ⁃    Anxiety 

   -    Insomnia 

   -    Fear around giving birth or post birth support;

   -    Grief and loss

The beauty about these sessions is that they are practical, you do not need to leave home so these sessions can be accommodated no matter where you live in the world. All you need is a computer or device and a stable internet connection; the rest will take care of itself.


To Book an Appointment 


To book a counselling session, please contact Shushila on 0421 383 329

Disclaimer - I am not a psychologist, or a psychiatrist and do not treat or diagnose patients. If you have a mental health condition, then you are advised to see a mental health medical specialist. If I feel your condition warrants referral to other specialists, then you will be advised.

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