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During the years as a midwife I’ve observed that birthing plays a particular role to how the mother and baby are with each other. Breastfeeding or your chosen method of feeding also has it’s affects on a woman during their trials and tribulations when becoming a mother. 

It is an intimate time, a new way of living and routines. Adjustments are required and life can differ and change as everyone adapts. These changes occur through out as the baby grows and the relationship develops with the mother, partner, other siblings and baby too. 


When you have an IBCLC lactation service visit you at home, you receive a personalised service minimising conflicting advise and in this way, it allows you to make the decisions that are sound and appropriate for you and your baby.


Most of us love being massaged, it relieves tension we didn’t realise we were carrying in our bodies. It leaves us feeling relaxed, settled and often aids our sleep and it is a beautiful way to bond with your baby, with the added bonus that the fathers or partners can participate and be involved too.

To have a baby settled, that sleeps much more soundly means as a family it enables you to be settled too.

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