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Health & Well-Being 


Are you stuck in a rut? Trying to get fit, lose weight, wanting to change your mindset, disappointed that your New Years resolution isn’t working, again!?


Well… could I support you in getting out of this perpetual rut you’re in? I offer individual sessions, programs or even a 12 week detox program consisting of chakra puncture and life style support. 


Health & Well-being is multifaceted. In other words one solution isn’t the answer to all our issues.


For our Health & Well-being to improve, it needs to occur from inside out, instead of outside in.


To bring true Health & Well-being back into our lives, Shushila incorporates lifestyle changes with body work. It isn’t prescriptive as every person has their own personal reasons to implement these changes into their lives. So ultimately you lead and Shushila facilitate's and support not only to get to the root cause of these issues, but also, guided by your body. 


No two clients are ever the same, so the programs are tailored for each individual. The body responds often to incremental steps so our Health & Well-being serves you longer. This can be governed by you, and your body.


Don’t live local? No problem!


Support is offered via Skype/Zoom. So whether you’re in Sydney, Australia, or overseas, the support is still available and powerful whether near or far. All it requires is a willingness to make the change and the rest will transpire.

To Book an appointment 


To book a counselling session, please contact Shushila on 0421 383 329

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