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connective tissue therapy

Connective Tissue Therapy is a healing modality that specifically works on the connective tissues surrounding the organs, muscles, tendons, bones and so on of the framework of our body. The practitioner applies their hands on various parts of a fully clothed client’s body and with rhythmic technique, facilitates the body to a harmonising flow, releasing or discarding an array of energetic, physical and or emotional conditions or misconfigurations embedded in the body that no longer supports the client in their daily way of living.


Connective tissue is primarily to protect and support the body to be supple and fluid. When inner tension accumulates, the connective tissue can harden and contracts causing rigidity and pain. Ultimately this modality can offer the client to surrender their body to a more naturally harmonising, vital state of well-being.



If we break our bodies down to our cells (such as tissue, joints, bone, blood etc.), every part has a role to play in order for it to function healthily - just like a car needs the entire engine to be in working order for it to be driven. 

When the body has been compounded by life work imbalance, it can affect the status of the body’s way to naturally function. Life work balance includes everything from the thoughts we put into our minds, to the way we work our bodies to exhaustion, the foods we consume, to the amount of stimulants we rely on to keep us going. Eventually loading our bodies with toxins that affect our entire body and leading to a disharmonious body. It is equivalent to putting poor quality or diesel into a petrol gauge car, it will eventually stop working efficiently or altogether.

Chakra-puncture is a modality that can assist to clear the pollution we have placed/imposed within our bodies whether intentionally or not. Or, in other words, it starts the process of restoring the body back to a harmonious vitality and energetic being. It offers the client an opportunity to surrender and tap into one’s inner stillness and hence clearing the emotional, physical and energetic disharmonies that have been residing in our bodies for some time. 

With Chakra-puncture, each needle when applied both technically and from a place of true inner connection, activates our energetic cells (Nadis) that lives within the body, to restore it both energetically and physiologically to its natural harmonious balance.

The Chakra-puncture modality is a needling technique, which uses very fine tube delivered needles into the skin, to a depth of 0.2-0.5mm only. 




Sacred Esoteric Healing is a gentle hands-on therapy whereby the practitioner applies techniques to specific parts of a client’s body (fully clothed). The client may experience/feel the practitioner performs slight massage movements over the body to support the client to release areas of disharmonies and/or the energetic dispositions that may contribute to long-term patterns of negative thoughts, behaviours or illnesses buried deep into the body. 

Clients have reported during a session that they have felt a deep sense of stillness and rest. Releases from the body are graceful and gentle, either felt by an occasional twitch, or that the area feels much lighter. This is the body’s way of communicating the releases of energetic imprints that can cause barriers in preventing you from truly living in your natural vitality and essence.

Sacred Esoteric Healing is complementary to conventional medicine and respects that this is also an essential part of the healing process.




Everyday we are faced with emotions that are not only stored in our bodies but also in our faces. They appear as frowning wrinkles, tiredness around the eyes and cheeks, tightness in our jaw, and even the tension from ‘gritting our teeth’. 


The Energetic Facial Release treatment is a gentle hands on massage to reconnect you to you, and help to release these emotions. Prior to commencing the gentle massage, warm cream is applied to the face supporting and soothing the skin. The massage can support in releasing tensions in the face and allows the clients to deeply surrender, often into a space of deep rest or sleep. It is ideal for the client to arrive with clear skin and minimal make-up.


These sessions work beautifully with any Esoteric Healing, Massage (one and half hour sessions) or as a stand alone session (an hour long).




Esoteric massage is a gentle healing modality that deeply massages to restore the body’s natural energetic flow. It can offer the body to release ingrained ideals, beliefs and behaviours that are unnatural for it to function in a harmonising way. 


With the stresses, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness and the many illnesses and diseases of modern-day living impacting the natural rhythms of our bodies, the imposed/polluted muscles, joints, and senses etc. are prevented from working with ease and vitality. 


Esoteric massage offers the client to let go of these dis-eases instilled in the body with the practitioner gently massaging and having a respect for the client and their body. Client’s often report their body feeling more free from the tensions and burdens leaving them with a clarity, expansiveness and increased energy levels.

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