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sacred esoteric healing


Sacred Esoteric Healing is a gentle hands-on therapy whereby the practitioner applies techniques to specific parts of a client’s body (fully clothed). The client may experience/feel the practitioner performs slight massage movements over the body to support the client to release areas of disharmonies and/or the energetic dispositions that may contribute to long-term patterns of negative thoughts, behaviours or illnesses buried deep into the body. 

Clients have reported during a session that they have felt a deep sense of stillness and rest. Releases from the body are graceful and gentle, either felt by an occasional twitch, or that the area feels much lighter. This is the body’s way of communicating the releases of energetic imprints that can cause barriers in preventing you from truly living in your natural vitality and essence.


Sacred Esoteric Healing is complementary to conventional medicine and respects that this is also an essential part of the healing process.

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