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esoteric connective tissue therapy
sacred esoteric healing
energetic facial release
esoteric body massage


A healing modality that specifically works on the connective tissues surrounding the organs, muscles, tendons, bones etc. of the framework of our body. With rhythmic technique it facilitates the body to a harmonising flow.

A very simple yet powerfully effective treatment that may support and restore the natural balance of the whole body. 


Chakra-puncture supports the process of restoring the body back to a harmonious vitality and energetic being.

It can help clear the pollution we have placed/imposed within our bodies, whether intentionally or not, and offers the client an opportunity to surrender and establish an inner-quality of stillness (repose).


This modality is a gentle hands on healing whereby the practitioner applies techniques to specific parts of a client’s body (fully clothed) to support the client to re-connect with their own inner stillness, and release disharmonies and/or long term patterns of negative thoughts, behaviours or issues that may be buried in the body. 


energetic facial release

Everyday we are faced with emotions that not only are stored in our bodies but also in our faces. They appear as frowning wrinkles, tiredness around the eyes and cheeks, tightness in our jaw, and even the tension from ‘gritting our teeth’. 


Energetic facial release massage treatment is a gentle hands on massage to reconnect you to you and help release these emotions


esoteric body massage

With the stresses, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness and more of modern day living impacting the natural rhythms of our bodies, the imposed/polluted muscles, joints, senses etc. are prevented from working with ease and vitality. Esoteric massage is a gentle healing modality that deeply massages to restore the body’s natural energetic flow. 

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