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If we break our bodies down to our cells (such as tissue, joints, bone, blood etc.), every part has a role to play in order for it to function healthily - just like a car needs the entire engine to be in working order for it to be driven. 

When the body has been compounded by life work imbalance, it can affect the status of the body’s way to naturally function. Life work balance includes everything from the thoughts we put into our minds, to the way we work our bodies to exhaustion, the foods we consume, to the amount of stimulants we rely on to keep us going. Eventually loading our bodies with toxins that affect our entire body and leading to a disharmonious body. It is equivalent to putting poor quality or diesel into a petrol gauge car, it will eventually stop working efficiently or altogether.

Chakra-puncture is a modality that can assist to clear the pollution we have placed/imposed within our bodies whether intentionally or not. Or, in other words, it starts the process of restoring the body back to a harmonious vitality and energetic being. It offers the client an opportunity to surrender and tap into one’s inner stillness and hence clearing the emotional, physical and energetic disharmonies that have been residing in our bodies for some time. You can have individual sessions, programs tailored for your needs, or the option of a 12 week Detox program too. 

With Chakra-puncture, each needle when applied both technically and from a place of true inner connection, activates our energetic cells (Nadis) that lives within the body, to restore it both energetically and physiologically to its natural harmonious balance.

The Chakra-puncture modality is a needling technique, which uses very fine tube delivered needles into the skin, to a depth of 0.2-0.5mm only. 

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